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Haskell New York Inc. is an authorized AbilityOne® partner.

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AbilityOne products sold under Skilcraft brand
AbilityOne®/Skilcraft® items are made by and help people with disabilities.


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AbilityOne® Does Back to School

Need school supplies? SKILCRAFT® provides virtually all the products you need for back to school. Best of all, these AbilityOne® products help people living with major disabilities. Before you buy, always give AbilityOne® a try!

SKILCRAFT LCD Monitor Privacy Filters Black - For 22"Monitor, Notebook

Part Number: NSN5708895
Price: $128.83 / EA



SKILCRAFT LCD Monitor Privacy Filters Black - For 24"Monitor, Notebook

Part Number: NSN5708897
Price: $133.32 / EA



SKILCRAFT Privacy Screen Filter For Notebook - For 17"

Part Number: NSN5708904
Price: $75.35 / EA



SKILCRAFT Privacy Screen Filter For Notebook - For 19"

Part Number: NSN5708908
Price: $82.76 / EA



SKILCRAFT LCD Monitor Privacy Filters Black - For 21.5"Notebook, Monitor

Part Number: NSN5995286
Price: $123.10 / EA



SKILCRAFT LCD Monitor Privacy Filters Black - For 17.3"Notebook, Monitor

Part Number: NSN5995291
Price: $73.41 / EA



SKILCRAFT LCD Monitor Privacy Filters Black - For 14"Monitor, Notebook

Part Number: NSN5995299
Price: $61.63 / EA



SKILCRAFT LCD Monitor Privacy Filters Black - For 15.6"Monitor, Notebook

Part Number: NSN5995302
Price: $64.97 / EA



SKILCRAFT LCD Monitor Privacy Filters Black - For 20"Monitor, Notebook

Part Number: NSN5995308
Price: $116.58 / EA



SKILCRAFT Standard Screen Privacy Filter Black - For 17"Monitor

Part Number: NSN6137629
Price: $173.21 / EA



SKILCRAFT Standard Screen Privacy Filter Black - For 19"Monitor

Part Number: NSN6137630
Price: $217.15 / EA



SKILCRAFT Wide Screen Privacy Filters Black - For 19"Monitor

Part Number: NSN6146231
Price: $213.42 / EA



SKILCRAFT Wide Screen Privacy Filters Black - For 24"Monitor

Part Number: NSN6146232
Price: $257.11 / EA



SKILCRAFT Wide Screen Privacy Filters Black - For 22"Monitor

Part Number: NSN6146233
Price: $235.54 / EA



SKILCRAFT 24" Screen Privacy Filter Black - For 24"Monitor, Netbook

Part Number: NSN6192983
Price: $136.92 / EA



SKILCRAFT Frameless Privacy Filter Black - For 23"Notebook

Part Number: NSN6496592
Price: $96.97 / EA



SKILCRAFT LCD Monitor Framed Privacy Filter Black - For 20"Monitor

Part Number: NSN6497196
Price: $144.83 / EA


The AbilityOne® Program

For 80 years, the program originally known as the Wagner-O'Day Act and now AbilityOne®, has served to provide assistance to the blind and others living with major disabilities including veterans wounded in action. These people do not want your pity. They only ask for your support. By purchasing AbilityOne® products, you help individuals achieve a sense of independence and self-fulfillment. These products are made by people with disabilities and are often used every day like soap, sanitizer, paper towels, folders, binders, air-dusters, markers, board erasers and more.

As the largest provider of employment opportunities for the blind and people living with major disabilities, AbilityOne® also provides many important services such as wildfire prevention, veteran assistance and rehabilitation services. With a large selection of household, breakroom, office & restroom, etc. supplies, AbilityOne® has a fantastic selection of items to choose from. Whether you need a new mop, board cleaner or napkins, AbilityOne® has something for almost everyone. Best of all, each purchase helps employ individuals looking for a hand up, not a handout.

SKILCRAFT® is a registered trademark of NIB (National Industries for the Blind).

AbilityOne® School & Teaching Supplies

Sure AbilityOne® is well known for business supplies but the AbilityOne® program also provides many products for back to school. While these products sold under the SKILCRAFT® brand may cost more, AbilityOne®/SKILCRAFT® school and teaching supplies are for a good cause and worth spending a little more. Some examples include board cleaners, ballpoint pens, bulletin boards, binder clips, certificate holders, computer clothes/wipes, colored paper, correction fluids, copy paper, hanging folders, shredders, cups & mugs, data binders, electric pencil sharpeners, expanding pockets and files, hole punches, index dividers, lead refills, address labels, paint brushes, highlighters, laminating supplies and many, many, more. Before purchasing teaching supplies or supplies for the classroom, always be sure to check out what AbilityOne® has to offer.

The Little Stationer that Could

In 1928, a small business was formed known as Haskell Printing & Stationery Company. The business survived the Great Depression, a World War, the rise of the big box stores, the transition to an online world and the Great Recession. Throughout all this time, Haskell New York Inc. as it later became known has managed to keep its niche among its loyal customer base that know the benefits of working with a small business.

Today, Haskell continues to sell office products and office furniture to homes and businesses throughout the country and around the world. With its GSA Schedule 75, AbilityOne® partnership and FedMall listing, Haskell is able to work with government agencies in addition to its commercial and residential segments. As part of the government mandate, a portion of each AbilityOne® sale is given to individuals living with major disabilities including the blind, wounded veterans and more.

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